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Welcome to (hereinafter, Nonawardstudy) is an Internet product developed by Fatbox Technology Services Pty Ltd, providing an online education platform for non-institutional course providers and learners, covering tutorial, coaching, vocational training courses and hobby training courses. The course providers can be any individuals, tutorial institutions, vocational training institutions, private tutoring centres, coaching institutions and skills training institutions.


Nonawardstudy serves for anyone who wants to learn, teach or share information. For learners, it is a place where they can easily find the learning materials they need or the courses they want to attend. For tutors and education providers, it is a tool for recruiting students and promoting their brands, which can help largely reduce their marketing cost and expand their student base. For information and material sharers, it is a platform where they can post materials and connect with learners in need easily online. In a word, Nonawardstudy enables course and material providers and students to interact with each other anytime, anywhere.

Searching for Courses/Learning-related Materials

When learners want to get the learning materials or attend any courses shown on our website, they can simply enter the keywords and click the search button to find what they want, and then they can chat with the providers directly online. This makes course search easier and provides more choices for learners. 

If needed, users can also do advanced searches on the platform - they can search for their wanted courses by different search criteria, such as the course delivery country/region, and more specifically, the city/town, as well as the course type, the form of teaching, the course title and the price. This helps them find the most suitable courses and materials fast and easily.

In addition, users can click on any course to view the course details, which include tutor profile, course price, and entry requirements. Users can also view other courses provided by the tutor on the page and see the reviews of the tutor and his/her course, to get a hint of the tutor’s teaching style and quality.

Course providers can also search for requests made by learners using keywords; thus, they can quickly and accurately find the target students and get connected with them online.

Course Recommendation

On the homepage, some recommended popular courses are displayed for users to view. Users can sort by most related results and price to find their preferred courses. In order to suit browsing habits of different users, we also provide different choices of course display layouts. Users can either choose to display course in details or by using large thumbnails to quickly learn about recent popular courses.

Live Chat and Notifications

Users who want to take a course can use our Live Chat to directly connect with the course provider. They can freely chat online, which saves time and makes communication more efficient. Users will also receive system notifications when activities occur, getting informed of the important events in the first place.

Favourites & Management

For learners, our website allows them to favourite courses to follow the updates and create different folders for classification. For course and learning-related material providers, our website allows them to save, post and remove their courses or materials using the management function.


Powerful Search and Communication Tool


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