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Welcome to CatEight (hereinafter, CatEight) is an Internet product developed by Fatbox Technology Services Pty Ltd, aiming at providing technology solutions for course and visa applications and customer management. Established in 2013, CatEight specialises in course search, educational institution search, agent search and course application. Additionally, CatEight provides international students and agents with visa application management assistance. Each role in the course application process: students, agents and institutions will enjoy our features covering all aspects of the process, including searching for courses-completing course application form–receiving an application document list generated by our system-uploading files-selecting a method to submit-tracking application progress-managing related files and information. In addition, CatEight has a News & Tips platform for users to post articles related to course and visa application.

CatEight not only helps students submit their course applications online easily, but also creates a practical and efficient online management platform for agents and institutions. For agents, CatEight is an online application platform and customer relationship management system (CRM), and also empowers agents to create an exclusive website with a secondary domain which helps manage students' application files intelligently to increase work efficiency. In terms of educational institutions, CatEight offers an online platform, enabling institutions and students to interact with each other anytime. Institutions can update and change their campus and course data, receive course applications submitted by agents and students, post relevant articles and more.

Through CatEight, students, agents and institutions are all able to manage their applications individually, sending and receiving course and visa applications, and interacting with each other online. For agents and institutions, our system can largely reduce their cost of consultation and the CRM system helps them manage and classify the application files online automatically during the application process. The online paperless application file management makes it efficient, standardised and intelligent.

CatEight has both English and Chinese sites. These sites have exactly the same services and features so that students, agents and institutions can flexibly switch the language based on their needs.


Our History

Till the end of 2019, has undergone three iterative updates and has become more and more complete.


Mid   2013


Early 2018


Late   2019

Mid   2013

The first version of was launched in 2013, the website has several basic but important features and framework. The main functions are:

  • Course Search (Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and other regions)

  • Agent Finder (Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia and other regions)

  • Course Application

  • Visa Application


Early   2018

In early 2018, the second version of was launched. Compared with the first version, this version enhanced previous features and added School Finder function. At the same time, we have a few changes in our logo and layout of our websites.


Additionally, our search platform covers a large amount of data from Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, mainland China, Japan, Canada, Brazil, Pakistan, Mongolia, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Nepal and other countries or regions.


  • Course Search (Courses from 20 countries which including Australia, New Zealand, etc.)

  • Agent Finder (Education Recruitment Agent Data from 18 countries and regions including Australia, New Zealand, China, etc.)

  • School Finder (Institutions from 12 countries which including Australia, New Zealand, Singapore etc.)

  • Course Application

  • Visa Application

  • CRM System (Designed for educational institutions and education recruitment agents, in order to manage student information, record application progress and improve work efficiency)


Late   2019

In 2019, we launched the third version of This time, we optimized our CRM system to make it more suitable to education industry. At the same time, we readjust our logo and the layout of our website. In this version, all the functions— search functions, course application progress and CRM system are very suitable to the current overseas study market. It is the best platform and tool for institutions, students and education recruitment agents.


We at Fatbox believe that is the best platform for the education industry. We are confident it will completely fulfil your marketing and management requirements. We will keep improving our platform and remain dedicated to providing high-quality and unparalleled services.

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