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Welcome to Chi Palace

In mid 2019, Fatbox Team developed a mobile APP —— Chi Palace, which was designed for overseas study market. Since the APP launched in Jan 2020, it has attracted a lot of registered users. Chi Palace is not only popular among students of all ages and their parents, but also attracts a lot of attention from social communities.


The graphic designs in Chi Palace are gorgeous and elegant, combined with traditional Chinese God Culture, it is novel and avant-garde. Additionally, it is full of humorous and creative elements, the background music inside the APP are smooth, peaceful and relaxing.


We have combined traditional culture and modern elements in this APP. Users can quickly click in stages to bring the gods back to their places to show their power. There are Exam God, God of Wealth, Guan Gong, Manjushri, Guanyin, Ksitigarbha, Samantabhadra, Wong Tai Sin, Mazu, Love God, Sun Wukong and Emperor Wenchang, which are very famous, classic and traditional gods. Besides, we have also got very popular figures such as Lucky Cat, Koi, protection amulet and Wu Yishu.

When the gods are back to their places, users can pray for themselves or relatives and friends in different temples, and the gods will show their power and bring users the best blessings. On some special days, all users will receive Kongming lanterns that bring good luck.


Additionally, users can light joss sticks and candles to worship gods. We have built-in functions such as flowers, joss sticks and incense burners, making a wish and redeeming a vow to a god. When you light the joss sticks, you will fasten the speed for a god to showing his power and extend the time of god blessing you. Users can also gift joss sticks to friends. All the features are designed for a better and true worship experience.


For many traditional culture lovers, Chi Palace meets the majority needs of pursuit of gods and peace of mind with its exquisite design and advanced technology. We, Chi Palace, are also continuously developing more features, such as:

-  Today’s Fortune, showcasing the ancient Southeast Asian "Qimen Dunjia" theory for more accurate insights;

- Wishing Tree, providing a place to pray and bless;

- I-Ching Fortune Telling, forecasting the weekly or quarterly fortune;

- Amulet, keeping you away from bad luck and bringing you good luck;

- Land of Eternity, providing a place to worship the deceased and express the grief;

- Community, providing a place to communicate and redeem a vow to a god.

We strive to bring users a novel, unique, and more entertaining experience.



" Whether you see or not see, I am here, overlooking all beings. "

Exquisite design

Majority of users are attracted by our delicated design and comfortable background music. Every figure inside the APP took a lot of time of the artists to finish, as we want you experience the real worship experience and relax yourself in Chi Palace. We hope to bring you a unique, relaxing and comfortable APP.


Make a wish

You can make a wish any time, however, you can only make a wish once to a god in one day. For example, if you have made a wish to Lucky Cat today and you want to make another, you can wish to other gods today or Lucky Cat tomorrow. After the god showing his/her power, your wish will be sent to the god.


Showing power

Each god has a different way of showing his/her power. You can choose your favorite god and worship by tapping the screen quickly to let the god show his/her power. There are many gods in Chi Palace, if you worship all gods, they will show their power and bring you the best blessings!


Redeem a vow to a god

We have a variety of flowers for you to choose, which are red flower, cherry blossom, rose, white champaka, kapok, jacaranda, gardenia and lotus. You can redeem a vow to your favourite god by consecrating flowers and interact with others in community. Additionally, we have several gift packages as well.

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