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Technology transforms education. Education converts the world. Fatbox technology, an IT solution and consulting company, which born for education.

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Fatbox Technology Services Pty. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Fatbox Technology”) was established in 2013 in Sydney, Australia. It is an educational service company that provides an open application and course promotion platform for the education industry.

In 2013, Fatbox Technology developed an application platform for the education industry: CatEight. The market version of the website, that is, the second version, was released online in 2019. CatEight is a global online course promotion and application platform for education providers, education agents and students. The platform provides a series of functions mainly for the institutional courses, that is, primary, secondary, tertiary, undergraduate and master courses which are issued under the government education system with the ability to issue government-accredited certificates.

In the middle of 2019, we started to build a tutorial and training website: The website is mainly for non-institutional courses such as primary and secondary institution tutoring, paper counselling, swimming, software use training, skills training, hobby tutorials and other tutoring, stylistic training and vocational training courses. The main functions of the tutorial website are course search and application promotion. The website is a two-way information exchange platform for course providers and students. The course provider can publish courses and related information for students to search for. Students can also list the information of what they want to learn for the course providers to search for.

In order to accelerate the promotion of the above two educational service products on the student side, Fatbox Technology have developed a mobile APP for students, "Chi Palace" (alternative name "HaoYunXiangSui"),  which is available in the Apple Store and Google Play.

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Chi Palace


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Personalized CRM system for all enterprises

Fatbox Team has strong reputation and experience in developing customer relationship management (CRM) system. Our systems could improve work efficiency which save much time and effort for most enterprises.


Software services for the educational institutions

With 4 years of experience in the industry, we are familiar with the advantages and disadvantages of the institution's enrolment management system. We are confident that we can provide customized IT solutions for institution admissions management.


Build your own website

Thanks to extensive cooperation with agents and educational institutions, we accurately understand industry needs and workflows. In addition, we have many years of experience in website construction. Therefore, we can also help our clients to build their own websites.


SEO & Marketing solutions

Fatbox Marketing Team helps educational institutions and other clients to promote themselves much more efficiently in social media, attracting more clients for business. Our marketing team has excellent abilities such as copy-writing, marketing, etc. They are full of creation and think outside the box to design and build marking strategies to boost your business.


PO  BOX  K32  Haymarket  NSW  2000  Australia

Facsimile : +61 2 8042 0374

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