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Best Customisable Enrolment System for Education Providers

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

Based on our rich experience of developing an online enrolment system, now our company can provide you with IT development services for education providers. The first service is to customize the online enrolment system for you, and the second one is to import the data from CatEight into your database.

1. Customize your own online enrolment system

If your institution does not have a ready-made online enrolment system, we can customize a professional enrolment system like CatEight for you. It can help institution manage students’ documents and applications.

CatEight contains a series of smart form to help students collect application information. Users only need to fill these forms step by step and upload required documents, a list of application files will be generated automatically by the system. Therefore, it’s easier for institutions to process student application files. In addition, institution users can also create their own student profiles and applications in the same way.

When processing students’ course application, users can perform many operations, such as changing status, adding income and expenditure records, setting reminders and so on to record the progress of processing. All operations can be done in this system, which can greatly improve working efficiency.

CatEight has fully considered all aspects involved in the enrolment system and brought great convenience to the education providers. Hence, if your institution needs such an online enrolment system, based on our existing experience, we can use the shortest time to develop it. Also, if you have other requirements for the enrolment system, please contact our team for consultation.

2. Import the data into your database

For institutions that already have an enrolment system, we can provide another service – output the data in your account in the format you require so that you can input it into your system's database. Therefore, users do not need to worry about issues such as data failed to be imported into your own database.

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Apr 06, 2020

The Best Customisable Enrolment System for Education Providers

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