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Free CRM System For Study Abroad Agency

The most difficult thing for an agent is to handle a wealth of information from different universities and students. As a student agent based in Beijing, I attended to more than ten students monthly on their university and course selection, and each student has a lot of information I have to record, such as application status, application fees, applications of student visa and the payment of their tuition fees etc. At the beginning, I had no idea of using free CRM system for my work.

I just recorded all the information on my computer. It took me a large amount of time to check information and complete my work. Sometimes, I even got mixed up and misplaced the information. Later on, I tried to use a CRM system to help me with my line of work and I did use one CRM software to alleviate the issues. To some extent, it did improve my work efficiency. However, features of the paid CRM software are not complete, and most importantly, the cost is not low.

In June, my colleagues introduced CatEight to me and recommended that I can try its free CRM system. Now, I have used this free customer management system for 2 months, and the experience of using the free customer relationship management system of CatEight is amazing.

Top Free CRM System for managing student’s information

There are many customer relationship management systems out there on the market, most of these systems are aimed at a specific work environment or to a broader record system. Therefore, the functions of these CRM systems can be different from what an agent wants in terms of student and application management. Comparing CatEight to the other systems in the market, CatEight is more useful than common CRM systems including the one I have ever used.

Each section of CatEight’s customer relational system has its clear division of label, simple and practical operation. For instance, the section named “Applications” can record the application details and status of each student.

The reminder function can inform me what should I do at in specific timeframe. So I would not forget important times and deadlines for each application.

In addition, the Income section helps me record detailed information about each revenue and expenditure. So I can review and work out my work expense.

These practical functions greatly reduced my time to information gathering and work schedule. There is no doubt that is one of the top free CRM systems I have ever used. Thanks to CatEight’s free customer relationship system, I can arrange my work efficiently and work easily.

Free customer relationship management system

Most customer relationship management systems charge from $13 to $20 every month. It’s not cheap in the long run for most agents. However, CatEight’s CRM system is free of charge. At first, I didn’t expect much coming from this free CRM system, because even the paid system can hardly keep on with all my demands. However, after several days of using CatEight’s free CRM system, it totally changed my opinion. Although this system is free of charge, it has more features than most paid CRM systems in the market.

All modules in this system are powerful and useful. The module named "Favourites" can help save courses I am interested in.

I can use the Students module to keep a large number of documents for each of my students. The module called Applications can record the application progress and notice me to carry out specific work at the setting time. The income and expenditure can be checked in the section named Income. I can share information and experience as well as access information from other agents or students through sections called News and Services

In brief, all these functions set in the CRM system are practical and convenient for my work. Most importantly, I can use the CRM system free of charge, it saved me a lot of money!

Final Words

I have used the CatEight free CRM system more than 2 months, and I can rely on this system to deal with most of my work. So do my colleagues. Although this customer relationship management system is free, its features are comprehensive and practical, which can meet all my requirements. With good feedbacks coming from my associates and clients as well as the supportive team from CatEight, I feel I am more productive in dealing with course applications, students and visas, all information has been sorted, recorded and labeled for my disposal and alarms can remind me of all important dates for the application. I have no hesitation in recommending this system to all agents and student seeking international education. Now with this system being a free system, I don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t give it a try.

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