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An Online Enrollment System Help to Complete Course Online Enrollment Easily

Thanks to the development of technology, people now can do many things online, such as online enrollment. In the past, if we wanted to enroll in a course, we had to go to the registration site then fill out and hand in the required forms and documents. But with the technology of online enrollment, students and agents can simply fill out and hand in the application forms and documents, select courses and send applications at home or office, which will save them a lot of time and reduce paper waste. However, to realize this goal, you should first find a reliable online enrollment system. Here is a recommendation to you -CatEight.

CatEight is a powerful online enrolment system with multiple functions. Its Course Application function enables you to apply for a course online with ease. Through the platform, you can fill in the application form, upload the required documents, gain a document list and submit your application case. In other words, you can easily accomplish the online enrolment using the platform. Now let's learn how to use this course online enrollment system together!

Step 1. Fill in the Online Enrollment Form and Upload the Needed Documents

To enroll in a course via CatEight, you should first jump to the Course Application section then follow the on-screen instruction to complete the online enrolment. According to the on-screen instructions, the first thing you need to do is to sign in your student or agent account then provide the applicant details. Here, if you have created a profile beforehand, you can click on the "Choose an Existed Profile" option then select a proper profile. If you never provide any information on CatEight, you can click on "Create a New Profile" to create your own profile. The information you need to provide here include:

- Applicant Details: In this section, you need to provide your surname, given name, previous name (if you have), nickname, gender, date of birth, age, nationality, country/region of birth, city of birth, your current residential address and contact number, permanent residential address and contact number, postal address and contact number, social ID and email.

- Education Background: Here you need to provide the details of educational qualification you have gained, including educational qualification, name of institution, course name, country/region, state/province, intake time, city, etc. If you have more than one educational qualification, you can click on "Add another qualification" to add the information. Besides, you should also provide the details of your award or punishment during your studies.

- English Language Proficiency: The system will provide you with several options about your English language proficiency. You can select an option that matches your situation then offer the details as required.

- Guardian Details: If you are under 18 when you get enrolled, you need to provide your guardian's details.

- Passport & Visa Info: If you are an international students, you need to provide the information of your passport and visa.

- Work Experience: Choose your current state of employment or study and provide the details.

- Source of Income: Do you have enough funds to support the expenditure during your study? If not, you need to provide the details of how you will bear your expenditure.

- Health and Health Insurance Details: If you require care or assistance with mobility due to a medical condition, please state the reasons.

After providing all the details above, you can click on "Save and Go to Course App." to get back to the course application interface. On this interface, you can click on "Edit Profile" if you need to modify your application form, click on "Upload App./Open/Internal/Local Doc." to upload the needed files and tap on "View Doc. List" to view the documents.

Step 2. Choose the Course that You Want to Apply

The next step is to choose the course that you want to apply. This would be easier to complete if you already have chosen a course. If you still do not have a idea, don't worry! CatEight can help you solve the problem as well. In the "Proposed Courses" section, it provides you with 4 options:

- My Favourites: If you have found courses using CatEight's Course Finder and add some interested courses to the favourite list, you can click on the "My Favourites" option here and choose the course that fits you.

- Course Search: If you have not chosen a course yet, you can click on the "Course Search" option to jump to the Course Finder section to do a course search.

- Course Guide: For those who have not chosen a course and do not know how to do a course search, you can choose "Course Guide" to choose a course under agent's guidance.

- Customise Course: Supposed that you cannot find a suitable course on CatEight, you can choose the "Customise Course" option to add a course.

Step 3. Select a Submission Method as You Like

Now you can select a submission method to submit your application case. Here you have 3 submission methods as well:

- Agent: If you are a student and want to find an education agent to help you submit the case, you can choose to submit to "Agent" through "My Favourites", "Agent Finder" or "Customise Agent".

- Request Pool: You can also choose to put your application case into the "Request Pool". By using this way, your course requests and part of your background information will be open to the agents that are interested in your case. They will contact you via your approved contact methods.

- Institution: The last option enables you to directly submit the application case to institution.

Step 4. Save or Submit Your Application Case to Complete the Online Enrollment

Before submitting your course online enrollment case, you can enter extra info if needed. Then you can click on the "Save" or "Submit" button to save or send your case. Here, if you want to submit your online school enrollment case, don't forget to check the option "I have read and agree on the Agreement of Third Party's Using of CatEight".

The Bottom Line

With the powerful course online enrollment system - CatEight, you are able to complete your online enrollment and gain your offer more easily and effortlessly. And except for online school enrollment, you can do many other things with the platform as well, such as find courses, compare courses, find schools, find agents, apply for student visa and so on. For students as well as agents, it would be of great help. You can have a try!

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