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The Best CRM Software in Australia - CatEight

We are an educational agency from Australia, helping international students to study overseas. We have been using CatEight for about one year and have found it a highly efficient CRM software to manipulate students’ information. I’ve found that CatEight is the best CRM software not because it is a free platform, but also has a variety of different online functions that can benefit both agencies and students. It is a cost-effective and time-saving customer relationship management software which brings the clients (in most cases are students), schools and educational agencies together.

We have been operating for years and opened several offices around Australia. As the time goes by, we are planning to expand our business around the world to attract more students, and one difficulty we are faced with is the documentation management. This problem is not solved until we adopt the top CRM software CatEight, a customer relationship management software that can share information between agencies and students. Through CatEight, you cannot only apply for a course for your student, but also apply for universities and country visas that students are desired to study abroad.

Best CRM software for visa application

For the past months, I used the visa application function of this CRM software to help my students apply for the visa. I will share you my personal experience of using this function below. A few weeks earlier, we've got a student called Christine who popped into our office. She just finished her bachelor degree in Australia and asked us if we can apply the Australian student visa for her in order to study further. If you meet the same situation as I did, first of all, you need to create a new visa application record. Just as the first picture below, clicking the Visa or Visa Application button, you will get access to the visa application page just as the second picture to start your process.

Next step is to input the applicant details. As Christine is a new student, I chose to create a new profile, and then select the visa application option to complete all the 11 parts from applicant details to the character details (As shown in the picture below). Although you may feel overwhelmed with inputting so much information designed by this CRM software, the is one-off, which means when your students want to apply for an university program, there is no need for you to input these details again. They are just shared across different kinds of service type. If you have already created a student profile, you can choose an existed profile and all the information will be automatically transferred to the digital forms.

CatEight is the best CRM software because the digital form is a smart form which can automatically calculate students’ age based on the date you input. Once the calculated number is under 18, you will need to provide the guardian’s information in the next step, this CRM system software will remind you to input the guardian’s details. As the information you put here are all needed by the immigration department, which means students must submit these materials required sooner or later. In this case, the customer relationship management software is highly efficient to collect all these information at an early stage.

Then the guardian’s personal details will be required in the step 4, and you can choose the option that suits you best. Necessary information are further needed in this CRM management software if you choose different options below.  

The reason why CatEight is the best CRM software is it changed the traditional way we work. As an educational agency, we experienced a large volume of documentation to keep records of students, sometimes I may forget important dates to remind my students to submit materials or any other personal affairs. However, by using this top CRM software, there is no need for me to keep record of these paperwork as this customer management software allows students to fill in the digital forms online to make the paperless work possible between agencies and students. It is a time-saving way because I don't need to print the materials out and input the information on behalf of my student. In most cases I wait for the students to finish filling the paper works.

Final Words

In conclusion, this CRM software significantly improved my work accuracy and efficiency, the “Set Reminder” function allows me to set important dates in alert (as shown in the picture below), reminding me of the dates I need to contact with my students. You can see the little red notification on the top of the clock button when the days are approaching, so that I would not miss out important students due to my carelessness.

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